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  • 16 Which female LI is your favorite?

    1. 1. Favorite Female LI?

      • Val Greaves (The Crown and the Flame)
      • Annelyse Adair (The Crown and the Flame)
      • Kaitlyn Liao (The Freshman series)
      • Becca Davenport (The Freshman series)
      • Quinn Kelly (Endless Summer)
      • Estela Montoya (Endless Summer)
      • Eleanor Waverly (The Haunting of Braidwood Manor)
      • Hana Lee (The Royal Romance)
      • Eva/"Minuet" (Hero)
      • Emma Hawkins (High School Story)
      • Maria Flores (High School Story)
      • Ava Cunningham (It Lives in the Woods)
      • Stacy Green (It Lives in the Woods)
      • Imogen Wescott (It Lives Beneath)
      • Danni (It Lives Beneath)
      • Hayden Young (Female) (Perfect Match)
      • Sloane Washington (Perfect Match)
      • Alana Kusuma (Perfect Match)
      • Kamilah Sayeed (Bloodbound)
      • Lily Spencer (Bloodbound)
      • Naomi Silverhawk (Veil of Secrets)
      • Kate O'Malley (Veil of Secrets)
      • Jen Espinoza (America's Most Eligible)
      • Mackenzie (America's Most Eligible)
      • Annabelle Parsons (Desire and Decorum)
      • Shreya Mistry (The Elementalists)
      • Aster (The Elementalists)
      • Eris Huang (The Heist: Monaco)
      • Tillie Marshall (The Heist: Monaco)
      • Sabina (A Courtesan of Rome)

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