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"Redecorating with Sloane," a Perfect Match mini-fic

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Note: Just a short little “deleted scene” I wrote based on a missed opportunity by PB in the Perfect Match finale that I noticed while playing it. It’s set during the diamond scene where you and Sloane are decorating Hayden’s old room. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

Later, you sit in Sloane’s room, munching on popcorn and helping her through boxes of her personal belongings.

Kai: Are you going for any particular theme for the newly emptied room?

Sloane chews thoughtfully and surveys the boxes.

Sloane: Not really. I’m pretty happy with my own room, I just want all the stuff I haven’t had room for in here to have a place.

Sloane rifles through the items in the box closest to her. She pulls out a small canvas painting.

Sloane: Nadia painted this for me when we got back to New York.

Kai: It’s…

  1. Beautiful.
  2. Indescribable.

Sloane stares at you. A look of terror crosses her face.

Sloane: What… what did you say?!

You pretend to concentrate hard, staring at the painting and scrunching your face up in mock agony.

Kai: I… I don’t know… I can’t…

Sloane: No… this can’t be happening! 

You continue the facade for a few seconds more. Then you smile and start laughing, unable to keep a straight face any longer.

Kai: Oh my God! Sloane… you should see your face!

Sloane: Kai… you… I will kill you!

Sloane laughs and punches you in the shoulder, hard.

Kai: Ow!

Sloane: You deserved that.

Kai: …Fair enough. 

You finish the box you were working on and slide it over in favor of a different one.



~A SceptileMasterr Studios Creation

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