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  1. So, who else is excited for tomorrow's new chapter? Anybody have any guesses about what might happen?
  2. The Elementalists, because it was my first Choices book and also my favorite!
  3. Bahahaha I love this! (TE) Beckett: I'm just gonna skip class today. (TE) Shreya: Bleh, fashion is too much work, I'll just wear whatever.
  4. For the off topic music discussion, maybe "Kaitlyn's Music Spot?" since she's in a band and all?
  5. Omg yes same! That trailer has me so hyped up for sure!
  6. I didn't even check, since the first option was Grant haha. Might have to replay VoS sometime! By the way, I love that acronym definer thing!
  7. So who's excited for Endgame????
  8. Wait, Kate was an LI? I didn't even know she was an option lol
  9. Hi everyone! I started reading/playing Choices a few months ago and I love it a lot. Nice to meet everyone!
  10. Who did you choose? Or did you flirt with both of them? (Or Naomi if you're into girls?) I spent all my diamonds on Grant, but I flirted a lot with Flynn too!
  11. The subtitle of this forum made me laugh. "Bitchport", great, now I'll never unsee that!
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