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  1. That's how I feel about it as well. Grandmother had one shot to hearmy MC out and she blew it with this:
  2. I have this tiny Eva Longoria type in my head 😂 which makes it funnier!
  3. That witch Danielle is going to get what's coming to her! She's been trying to undermine the MC since day one 😠
  4. You never know if you don't try. I'm crossing my fingers we get the option to poison the man. If not that can we find ways to publicly humiliate him and the grandmother?
  5. I ended up choosing Edison for this play through but what I like about this book is if you choose the non-premium crew members they're still very skilled at their jobs and great characters all the way around.
  6. I started laughing out loud when Lena appeared and started in on Ansel. How much do you want to bet the little traitor tinkled in his drawers 🤣
  7. I really, really wanted to give grandmother a piece of my min and how disgusting was it when Richards called us "his."? Sorry dude, but no. MC will never belong to you
  8. I attempted to give the Duke to Miss Holloway. Unfortunately, she didn't take me up on the offer. It was a great chapter but I spent most of it furious with dear, dear grandmother and that vile thing she arranged for MC to marry. What angers me the most is if you demurely go along with her idea of 'saving the estate' you get relationship points but if you try to tell her the truth about that leachor she refuses to hear it. I have some arsenic with both their names on it 😈
  9. Title: Traditions Start Somewhere Rating: Teen (mild cursing) Warning: Touches on holiday depression associated with being separated from family Characters/Pairing: Jake McKenzie x Bailey/F!MC Summary: Thinking about his family and the traditions they uphold every year has Jake feeling a bit down in the dumps but a suggestion from his wife has him looking forward, instead of behind. Read Traditions Start Somewhere HERE!
  10. I don't think I can pinpoint my excitement to just one thing. If I had to, I suppose...seeing how this monstrosity of an engagement with Satan errr I mean Duke Richards plays out. I want to know what terms he and our treacherous grandmother came to. 😠 And then... I want to publicly denounce the both of them.
  11. Hello! *waves* I go by the same username on Tumblr (darley1101) You can call me Colle 😊
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