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  1. Wow. I've been waiting for so long for a Marc Antony-centered chapter... and it was worth it! I absolutely loved it. The dress we've been offered is absolutely stunning. The option to "desecrate the Senate halls with Marc Antony"? Iconic. He's not my favourite LI but I really enjoy his chemistry with MC. And then when I thought things couldn't get anny better Cassius appeared! I wonder what's going to happen to Sabina, now that we know for sure that she's involved with Legate Aquila. I hope that we'll be able to save her from him and finally get some more scenes with her. I feel so bad for people who are romancing her, the fact that almost all interactions with her are locked behind the paywall is just ridiculous. What do you guys think?
  2. I know, right? It was pretty much the only thing I was looking forward to... They treated MC like crap and then completely refused to acknowledge that. All of the theater kids remain cancelled to me Except for Skye, Erin & our twin, obviously! Oh, and except for Rory as well! Now that I understand everything they've been going through I could never bring myself to hold anything against them. Poor Rory! I hope that their mom will get better and everything will be fine.
  3. I loved this chapter sooo much! I'm so glad our MC got the opportunity to bond with Sonia. At first I was a bit sceptical about her but now I totally love her lol. I can't wait to see her betray Ansel and hopefully join the heist crew. I'm very curious about the last crew member. Will it be Sonia? Will it be a new LI? I can't wait! What are your thoughts?
  4. Exactly! Everyone except for them is cancelled for me. I'm so glad that our previous MC didn't believe those accusations as well. I miss them sooo much!
  5. ACOR never fails to amaze me. Hands down one of my favourite Choices books of all time! I thought that the latest chapter was amazing! First of all, the flashback scene really broke my heart, I feel so bad for MC's brother. I hope that we'll get to play as him soon and see what he's currently up to. And maybe even avenge his lover's death! I was very surprised with Cassius's diamond scene. I was sure that we were getting a Marc Antony-centered chapter, so having the chance to get away with Cassius made me really happy. I loved it and got sooo mad with the ending, how dare a sudden shower interrupt such a romantic afternoon? I also felt so sorry for Sabina who has to deal with her disgusting husband being back in Rome. She's such a sweetheart and she deserves the world! Meeting Marc while eavesdropping on senators was freaking gold. Even though he's not my favourite, I really like his scenes. I find his character extremely intriguing. I wonder what's going to happen to our poor Syphax, now that he's officially a gladiator. I really like the theory that MC's father will be his opponent in the arena. I hope that we'll get the chance to free them both... How did you guys like this chapter?
  6. I'm very confused about Mackenzie, Adam and Derek. Casting them as series regulars in AME: All-Stars seems like the most logical solution from the romance perspective... but what would be the explanation? There are already two finalists, MC and Ivy, so what's the point in casting three losers in another season? I wonder how PB is going to handle this pickle. I also can't wait to meet some new characters (and maybe even some new LIs...) but at the same time I hope that we'll get to see as many of the old characters as possible, even if it's just for "guest appearances". I miss Bianca and Han! I feel exactly the same way about Carson as you guys, I just can't bring myself to hate him. I actually had hoped for him to become a LI before the big plot twist happened. Maybe our MC will get the chance to team up with Piper in order to bring Carson down? I lost during my first playthrough. I was confident my MC would win since he was on good terms with most of the contestants... I couldn't have been more wrong Now I've been replaying the book and I'm planning on winning this time!
  7. I actually knew I was getting back with Zig the second I saw him at MC's door! He's pretty much the only reason I play TS and I just couldn't force myself to separate him from my MC, no matter how salty about his actions I was.
  8. She's horrible. I don't even care about her pulling this entire thing off "with MC's best interest at heart". Her actions are just purely disgusting and cruel. I would happily banish her from Edgewater without a blink of an eye.
  9. I agree with both of you, seeing a mundane/civilian LI would be fantastic! I also hope that our MC will get to meet their biological parents.
  10. When it comes to Kenna, I ship her with both Dom and Tevan... But in the end I chose Tevan, I just love him too much! I used to ship Dom with Rose back in Book 1 but then she completely disappeared, so in one of the last episodes I had him romance Will Jackson. I still have no idea whether they actually ended up together or not.
  11. How did you guys like the first chapter? I, personally, absolutely loved it! I'm so happy that we got to see our LI, even if it was just for a moment... And this chapter made me even more furious with Dowager Countess and Duke Richards. I can't wait to wipe those smiles of their faces. Also, I believe we could hear some new background tracks, I found them so lovely!
  12. Only a few minutes left! I can't wait to see Prince Hamid and crush both Lady Grandmother and Duke Richards
  13. I flirted with both Grant and Flynn but in the end I chose Naomi. I loved the chemistry she had with MC!
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