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  1. I loved the part where they mention some steamy ankle flashing. It's clearly going to be an NSFW book
  2. The chapter was good, but ugh! I'm so mad at Lady Grandmother. "Who would be better suited than a Duke?" Oh, I don't know...how about a freaking prince? The archery scene was fun, but I was hoping to see more of my prince
  3. + diplomat + language skills + music skills + animal lover
  4. I think he's a sweet character, but I'm not a big fan of TE LIs. I haven't played it in a while though, does his scenes get better?
  5. The first chapter is cool, then it gets pretty boring. The story picks up speed after Costume Ball, but the book is only good because of its characters 😑
  6. Kenna and Raydan. He's so bold and passionate and Kenna knows how to keep him on his toes. I love sexy/playful couples. I don't really ship Dom with anyone. Maybe Sei. I like Queen Adriana and Leon. Their forbidden love between a queen and knight seemed adorable.
  7. The first I played the book, I actually thought the name was Bitchport
  8. I flirted with everyone but chose Flynn. I was watching too much TVD back then lol. And I'm sucker for men with music skills. I need to replay and see who I'd romance this time
  9. It wasn't easy to decide, but I picked TRR because even when the storyline wasn't as good as I expected, the characters made it worth playing ❤
  10. Hi everyone! I'll be happy to post here as well and see this place grow 😃
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