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  1. I'm not ready to leave the ranch honestly. But it also wouldn't make sense for MC to stay. I'm interested to see how they do the finale. Also? A little disappointed with the "con of the century" scene, which instead felt pretty easy, and like a rushed ending to the whole Agracorp storyline.
  2. I thought it was a good ending! I always like the series endings because they're usually longer and give us some closure on stuff. It was kind of funny when MC brought out her empty board with 2 memories on it to pass around and enjoy, lol.
  3. Okay some brief thoughts about this chapter... theshadow monster was cool af. Professor Swan rolling the unconscious student out the door was hilarious. And yay, we finally get to meet our twin!
  4. not sure if this is the right place to post this but......i made a wordle out of Pixelberry blog posts. no surprise that "book" and "new" were a couple of the most common words. Not sure where "ve" and "re" are from.
  5. honestly I'm SO excited for a "medical mystery" book (and excited for another mystery book in general, after VOS). I hope it has creepy vibes. For some reason (this is totally unrelated to Choices) my mind keeps going towards the DS game Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, which had some creepy scenes involving medical mannequins.
  6. For reference, here's where they mentioned the medical book in their blog post! Not sure if they've mentioned it anywhere else.
  7. For reference, here's where they mentioned the nautical book in their blog post! Not sure if they've mentioned it anywhere else.
  8. as the title says, post the very most recent Choices screenshot on your device. If your screenshot might have spoilers for recent chapters please use the spoiler function! Here's mine:
  9. (pls continue to the next letter of the alphabet with the first name of any choices character :-)) Alana :-)
  10. That's true, I mean we get to be in the next season either way lol hmm that's very true ;-)
  11. @Domakir I didn't win at first, but then I replayed the last chapter and bought the 50 diamond choice lol....Not sure if it was worth it? I don't even know if I can take the romantic trip with my LI Jen since she's the producer lol. I guess we'll see. @precious hamid I agree! If they aren't cast in the series idk how they could have enough romance scenes with them, since MC's not supposed to have visitors while they live in the house, right? But it does seem weird to put half of last season's cast in the following season.
  12. How did you feel about THOBM? (i wasnt in the fandom when this book aired so I didn't get to see everyone's reactions). It's very unlike pixelberry's other books because it's so short. It kind of feels exploratory, like they wanted to test a horror genre before making a whole book like ILITW. But I kind of liked the length of it. It was like a short peek into that universe, and since it was so short there didn't have to be a lot of filler content. I kind of hope pixelberry does another short book like this someday. What do you think?
  13. That's how I feel!! As much as I want to be realistic and do what I think is best for MC and the LI.....since the series is ending, I'm still debating whether or not to just have them together. I'll probably flip flop on this like 20 more times before playing the finale lol.
  14. So AME Book 2 should be the next "new" book coming out! They said it will be released sometime this winter! What do you guys hope to see in this book? Do you have any predictions? I'm interested to see how many old and new characters will be in this season's cast. I'm guessing Mack, Adam, and Derek will be part of the new season's cast, right? Otherwise it would be hard to write in romance scenes with them. Also.....I know they created a whole subplot where Carson is supposed to be the bad guy but like, I don't actually hate him? I feel like book 2 is gonna include a Carson-revenge plot. Idk. What do you guys think about that?
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