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  1. The reason i choose Alana is because well she is so pretty and hot.And the scene at rooftop when you hold her and the airport just scream at me.I loves her and wish perfect match will be back with book 3 because i'm so attracted to her and other LI,It's not even funny anymore 😂😅 I have to said,I having hard times choosing because i loves almost all female LI such as Kamilah,Hayden,Becca,Kaitlyn
  2. I also wish another LI that didn't have power like Grayson.I also hoping we can play as another character while our MC at Prism Planet to see what's they thought on MC being possibly be known as dead if we can't communitied with others on earth. I hope Hero vol 2 is worth the wait and hype i've been stored 😆😂
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