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  1. First of all, Aster got a diamond scene! Second of all, and before I say anything I want to tell that I have nothing against Beckett, but he is getting extremely annoying. Like come on! He's has way too much diamond scenes in the last weeks, give me someone else! And the worst part is that I hate the character, not because of him (I do not like him because of the way he treated MC at the beginning, but I didn't hate him until two chapters ago), but because of PB's favoritism. It's getting ridiculous.
  2. I was a little disappointed because NO ONE apologised to MC for suspecting without proof...
  3. How could no one apart from the countess see that MC was wearing a disguise? 😂😂 And the fighting scene was great! My MC kicked those bandits asses alone. She doesn't need help.
  4. Ok, when I have time I'll post it. But I warn you, it will be a little large comment. 😅
  5. Oh good, if Sonia is a LI I don't know what I will do... I already have a hard time choosing between Eris and Tillie. 😂
  6. It's confirmed. Erin, Skye and the twin are the only decent characters, the rest are idiots. 😂
  7. I knew we couldn't trust those freaks. 😠 Was anyone able to save the horse? Or does he die anyway? I wanted to save him. 😢 And seriously, who would want to bring Robbie with MC? He's just a kid! I'm not bringing a kid to fight monsters and a bunch of traitors.
  8. I think 50 diamonds was exaggerated. 25 was ok-ish. Honestly? I think it isn't worth it, most likely it won't change anything, maybe one or two lines of dialogue. I mean... Jen stopped being our producer once the show ended, and All-Stars hasn't started yet, so... 😏
  9. The thing is this, the ally system was a little bit of a mess, because with Mack, Derek, Adam, Bianca/Teagan and Zeke, there's no way they would have voted Ivy to win, so it doesn't make sense to me that MC could lose. Yet you need them to be allies. And 50 diamonds to get the unanimous vote seems a bit expensive. I had to use 25 but when I saw someone had to pay 50 I was like.. wow that's way too much!
  10. It's funny because I didn't think I was going to like this book but I did! And I'm really excited for Book 2. I want to see which characters will return and I hope PB reveals some of the new characters (I think maybe Sierra and Vince will be there). Obviously, the four main LI will be back, and I'm hoping Bianca will return too. And also, I'm looking forward to see my sweet lovely Jen again. And I agree with you about Carson. I mean, I don't like what he did and he is an ass because of it, but I don't hate him. And since this book is like Big Brother, the plot can be anything tbh. But yeah, it will probably be about getting revenge on Carson. Did you win in the first book? I did and I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see the romantic trip with our LI. I don't know if they'll do that scene in Book 2, but I hope that at least they mention it.
  11. I didn't. I think it was the right choice for my MC. I was having doubts and I spent a few minutes thinking about what to do, but in the end, I agree with everything MC said. Still... it was a hard decision. Although, now that I think about it, after being together in all books, and since the series is ending this friday, maybe it was better to get back with the LI.
  12. + Best friend + All the skills because why not?
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