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  1. Frequently Asked Questions: Click the spoiler tags to see the answers! 1. What is Elyys'tel? 2. What's with the name? 3. Why Elyys'tel? Why not Stormholt, Penderghast, Hartfeld, etc? 4. What is Choices? 5. What are these "ranks" below my avatar all about? Berry High Student, Hartfeld Freshman...? 6. What does "Li'l Blueberry" mean? 7. Why "Li'l Blueberry?" Is that another Endless Summer reference? 8. I'm over 18, and it still says "Li'l Blueberry!" 9. Why do some words on the forum have little lines under them? I didn't put those there... 10. What's with the definition for "Indescribable?" 11. I'd like to help moderate the site. 12. Why do only some Choices books get emojis? 13. How do I change my avatar/signature/profile pic/etc? 14. Can I re-post my own fan content from Tumblr, AO3, DeviantArt, etc. to the forums? 15. I have a suggestion to improve the site. Where do I send it? 16. Is NSFW/adult content allowed? 17. Why is there a rule against discrimination?! I just really hate *insert demographic*!
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